505 Games / Assetto Corsa

Sublime were asked to improve upon previous Assetto Corsa announcement content and create a professional broadcast asset for streaming.

We were required to script, film & edit content that would appeal not only to existing racing simulator fans but broaden the appeal of the title to a wider audience.

505 games experiential marketing event
505 games experiential marketing
505 games experiential marketing work

Sublime over-branded a vehicle workshop space for the shoot location featuring a Porsche 911 supercar that appears in the game.

Sublime provided tech support and logistics for Playstation 5 console and Fanatec racing simulator featuring in the announcement asset and demonstrated by racing driver James Baldwin.

We handled sourcing of a presentation host, film crew, editors & streaming techs required for the creation and distribution of content – The full video asset can be seen below.

Sublime also edited additional separate assets for syndication with client media partners.

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