National Geographic / British Motor Show Live Stage

Sublime were asked to build on the success of previous years attendance at the British Motor Show and amplify the presence of Car S.O.S. at the motoring event.

National Geographic wanted to increase the affinity for the motoring programme amongst the audience rich in the brand’s target demographic.

Sublime were required to handle operational and logistical hurdles with filming a live episode during an open exhibition event.

british motor show experiential marketing
car sos experiential marketing logo
british motor show experiential campaign

Sublime were responsible for producing the live stage at the show hosted by the Car S.O.S. talent Tim & Fuzz.

Sublime provided full stage design service including set build, installation of large format LED Wall, lighting & PA system as well as back of house/green room for hosts and talent.

We supplied stage runners and staff to manage the performance schedule, talent handling, camera crew and AV support staff to cover the full 4 days of live events.

Sublime also handled logistics for display of 4 x display vehicles that had previously featured on the show as well as welfare for owners including a special needs requirements.

We also provided full support for TV film crew facilitating the recording of a live episode of the during the open exhibition.

british motor show experiential marketing
national geographic / british motor show experiential marketing campaign
national geographic experiential marketing campaign

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