Sony Pictures / Hyundai X Spider-Verse

To deliver a press-worthy activation for Sony Pictures to amplify their ongoing partnership with Hyundai on the Spiderman movie franchise

To utilise a high-profile London location with iconic landmarks to help create visual impact

To produce an installation showcasing the Hyundai Ionic 6 as well as assets synonymous with the Spider-Verse franchise to promote the new release of Across The Spider-Verse

hyundai sony marketing campaign
sony experiential marketing design
sony experiential marketing

Sublime approached a number of London brand activation sites but settled on the Queen’s Walk location for the installation for the fantastic views of Westminster & Big Ben

Sublime created a giant “Spider-Verse portal” on London’s South Bank to replicate the inter-dimensional travel phenomenon used in the film and predominantly on the new campaign artwork

The Portal structure incorporated a hexagonal LED wall to display bespoke content of Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen while integrated PA system played soundtrack content from the film

The Ionic 6 was suspended via a bespoke ramp structure and dressed with broken flagstones and webbing materials to create the illusion it had been caught by Spiderman after exiting the portal

hyundai and spiderman
hyundari spiderman experiential marketing
hyundai experiential marketing stunt

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